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Educational program: HighScope

The pedagogical program implemented at CPE Mont-Royal is based on the curriculum of the "HighScope" educational approach. As of April 15th, 2015, we became certified as a HighScope Accredited Center. The first accredited center in Quebec.


Inspired by the basic principles of the Ministère de la Famille’s "Accueillir à la petite enfance” and its objectives, we at CPE Mont-Royal, have adopted many practices and initiatives developed with these objectives and learning methods which are the basis of the philosophy of our educational program.


The program’s basic principles are:


- Every child is a unique person

- Children are the primary agents of their development

- Child development is a comprehensive and integrated process

- Children learn through play

- Partnership between educators and parents is essential for the harmonious development of the child.


The CPE offers a bilingual and immersion educational program. In the 2.5, 3 and 3.5 year old classrooms, the educators speak both French and English. In the 4 year old classrooms, the educator either speaks French or English in the immersion groups or both languages in the bilingual group.


Educators plan and organize activities based on the children’s interests and according to their observations and anecdotes taken throughout the day of the children in their group.


The HighScope curriculum is based on active participatory learning which occurs through a consistent daily routine, an organized classroom environment, meaningful adult/child interactions including a democratic problem solving approach, curriculum planning and the assessment of each child’s progress using the Child Observation Record (COR Advantage). The educators produce two COR assessment reports each year based on their on-going anecdotal notes. Reports are distributed to the parents in January and June.

Please find below an informative pamphlet for families written by "l'Association HighScope Québec" on the HighScope program (pamphlet only in French).

Extracurricular activties

The CPE Mont-Royal has incorporated extracurricular activities in its educational program. These educational activities run by specialists include; Sportball, yoga classes, and cooking classes.

The CPE Mont-Royal organizes an excursion to the "Cabane à sucre" every year.

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