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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register my child to be on CPE Mont Royal's waiting list?

A: Go to La Place 0-5 website (, create a parents account, when you have to choose a CPE; choose CPE Mont-Royal.

Q: At what age does CPE Mont Royal start accepting children?

A: The child must be at least 30 months in September.

Q: When can a parent apply to put his/her child on the waiting list?

A: As soon as the parent is pregnant they can open a file, when the child is born the parent has to add the date of birth to their file.

Q: Can new parents visit the CPE?

A: Yes, with an appointment or at the Open House; the second Wednesday of February at 7:00pm.

Q: What is the procedure of accepting children at CPE Mont-Royal?

A: Please refer to the admissions policy.

Q: When is the open-house?

A: The second Wednesday of February at 7:00pm. All children must already be registered on La Place 0-5.

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